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"My little one loves to bounce with the music and shake the maracas! What a great place to connect!" -mom Jaquie M., daughter Eleanor (age 6 months)
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MwM moms testimonials
Music with Mommie participants share their experience from Stacy Jagger's Music with Mommie classes.

"I love watching their little faces light up when the class starts. It is a joy-filled experience." -mom Casie R., son Jack (age 4)
"I’m thrilled to see my daughter singing with a microphone! It has given her a confidence I was not aware could be taught at such a young age." -mom Stephanie C., daughter Madeleine
(age 3)

"My daughter and and I have been singing the “I Love You” song, and it has become a part of our night time/bed time routine. I have now learned the importance of taking "bonding breaks", and my daughter will even ask me for "bonding time". Thank you for reminding me what mothering is all about and for giving us precious memories!" -mom Nina M., daughter Melanie (age 18 months)
"I just mention “Music with Mommie” and my daughter squeals with delight! It is a wonderful bonding opportunity for both of us." -mom Annie T., daughter Ellie (age 14 months)
"Thank you so much for providing the opportunity for my daughter to be exposed to music – you really are making a difference" -mom Terri B., daughter Stella (age 4 1/2)
"I have two sons in “Music with Mommie”, ages 9 months and 4 years, and they both love it! I love the structured playtime and I forget all about my "things to do list while I am in class!" -mom Raquel W., sons Luke and Asher (ages 9 months and 4 years)
"Music with Mommie” is the highlight of our week! The weekly themes are captivating and the lessons are designed for a wide-range of abilities and ages." - mom Lindsay M., son Alex (age 22 months)
"My oldest daughter is shy and I wanted something to help bring her out of her shell before she starts kindergarten, and this is definitely it! She is singing and even doing instrument solos!" -mom Heather P., daughter Beatrice (age 4 1/2)

"When we came to class today, I didn’t know what to expect. As soon as we entered the door, I heard the teacher singing and both of my children were mesmerized. Her voice was so soothing and touching towards the children that it brought tears to my eyes to see their faces in amazement. I cannot tell you how much fun we all had. I am looking forward to next week already!" -mom Anna L., daughter Ella (age 6 months), son Matthew (age 3 1/2)
"I used to feel awkward about singing at home, but since my little boy and I have been attending “Music with Mommie” classes, I don’t care anymore! I just sing and sing! And my husband is loving it!" -mom, Gigi W., son Jackson (age 8 months)
"Thank you so much for the class last Tuesday!! Lindy and I really had a great time! The teacher's enthusiasm is contagious!" -mom Deanne C., daughter Lindy (age 2 1/2)
"It has been so fun watching my 11-month-old develop in class. When we started a few months ago, he wasn’t doing much but putting everything in his mouth. Now he beats on the drum, shakes the maracas, tries to sing in the microphone, and bounces to the music. And I am so thankful to be connecting with other moms. Thanks Music with Mommie!" -mom Molly H., son Dean (age 11 months)